Political Entities


Count Alagory

The nobility that resides over the county the covenant is located in.



  • Teach na triúr fear ciallmhar (House of three wise man)
    Located a month’s trek east of the covenant, Covenant of Jondeir.
  • Covenant2
    Located Here
  • Covenant3
    Located There

Reknown Magi

  • Von Tremere
    Elder Tremere magus who wields much voting power in the Tribunal as he holds many generations worth of votes.
  • Harond
    Magus of some repute, has spent the last few years trying to be allowed an expedition into the Fae Realm. The Order of Hermes at large has little (open) knowledge of the Fae Realm and Harond seeks to produce a public knowledge base on it
  • Jondeir
    Magus who openly uses aid from other magi to further his research, likely to accept Archean’s proposal in return for aid.



Political Entities

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