Ireland Covenant – 1220

After years of grueling training under the tutelage of your respective masters you have finally finished your gauntlet and gained your Pharma Magica. You are now a full fledged magus in the Order of Hermes. Just a week after your apprenticeship ended and you began to grow accustomed to labwork on your own Mage Melren came to you with a proposition. “Follow me to Ireland. There we shall found a new Covenant away from all of these politics. A place where we can become what we were ment to be!”. Young and still very much friends with Mage Melren you accepted his offer and your adventure is nearing it’s end. You are now almost to where the Covenant is located. By the end of the night temporary lodgings will be established and a Covenant Oath will be recited by all. By the end of the year you hope to have permanent lodgings and laboratories built. Strike the Earth!

Ireland - 1220

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